How your Dog can benefit from simple clothing

How your Dog can benefit from simple clothing

Bring up to your head the scenario when you hug your Dog.

It is surely full of good feelings like empathy & warmness, the empathy refers to the love with no conditions you both share and the warmness refers to a physical feeling.

Both feelings are pleasant & essential to the mental and physical health of both of you.

You can cover the love your Dog needs in most environments & situations, if you are in a loud and crowded environment you can calm him/her, get physically closer or just walk away.

When it is cold you can hug him/her, but you can't do it forever. You want to make sure your Dog is feeling warm but you can't hug him/her 24/7. 

Simple clothing will solve the issue. just like we humans protecting our body heat by wearing clothing.

So what are the reasons your Dog need clothing? 

Although super-fun,You can't always hug your Pug. Although super-fun, You can't always hug your Dog to keep him warm.

Why Dogs need clothing?

Dogs can get ill from cold weather just like humans does. the illnesses related and prevention ways are also similar.

Between the illnesses that can threaten Dogs : Kennel Cough,  Influenza Virus, Distemper, Adenovirus Type 2, Parainfluenza Virus and more complications related to cold.

Besides germs and viruses are ideal to develop in cold weather, it is not the only reason illnesses are more common in cold weather. It also causes stress to the body which makes the immune system weaker, allowing viruses and germs to develop faster.

If you are doubtful about your Dog need to have warm clothing, or asking ‘how can I know when my Dog having cold'?

The answer is different from Dog breeds and some characteristics of the Dog as we will explore next.

One sure thing is that most Dogs might not give a clue its cold for them until they start suffering from it, and also at that point some Dogs might ignore it. 

Doesn't dogs have natural cold resistance?

Some Dog breeds like Alaskan Malamute or Siberian Husky and similar don't need any cold protection, but most dog breeds are far from being suited for cold as these dog breeds do. 

But also having a clothing like a raincoat for your Dog will not hurt him/her and even can save you the cleaning of a wet dog, boots can also be very useful and are recommended in environments where de-icing solutions are used to protect your Dog (and any pet) to lick toxic chemicals from the paws.

Pug, Boston terrier, French Bulldog, Poodle and similar Dog breeds do need warm protection in cold weather, and any dog breed with the following characteristics or some of them:

  • Thin fur - One of the most effective warmers is thick, dense fur. a fur which is thin, short or sparse is not the kind of fur that helps stay warm, so Dogs with thin fur need some help to stay warm when its cold.
  • Small size - Small size Dogs like Pug, Boston terrier, Poodle, Chihuahua and similar breeds which are relatively small to other Dog breeds. even if your Dog is chubby, muscular, or long. Small sized dogs have a hard time keeping themselves warm in cold conditions because their surface area is big. Note that small size also refers to skinny dogs like greyhounds and similar high as they might be, they are still affected by their big body surface area.
  1. Breathing problems - this one is probably the most critical characteristic. It’s unique to Pug, Boston Terrier, French Bulldog and any short-snout breed. short-snout breeds have natural breathing problems so tolerance to cold is lower. this combination of natural breathing problems and illness from cold is more harmful than it is to dog breeds with regular snout, and it requires more carefulness in cold weather for these Dog breeds.
  2. Elderly and/or chronic illness - elderly and chronic illness are cases that require extra care, the immune system is weaker, the recovery is slower, and every little physical problem can turn big.  Dogs with illnesses that get harder on cold like arthritis, have to be constantly warmed.
  3. Sluggish-ness - While there are some animals benefit from being sluggish in nature, like the Polar Bears, they are also very suited to keep themselves warm. In most cases, sluggish-ness will make exactly the opposite and will prevent the body to get warm.
  4. Pugs have a reason to get extra help to keep themselves warm. Pugs & similar Dog breeds have a reason to get extra help to keep themselves warm.

    “America’s Veterinarian”,  Dr. Marty Decker is telling that his  two Pugs wear clothing. , while his  (Labrador Retriever-Pit Bull mix) and Golden Retriever do just fine without jackets or sweatshirts.

    You might think that dogs came out of wolves, and they need nothing but the natural way, But this is just forgetting the fact that most of the domestic Dogs are missing critical characteristics that cold-adapted animals have; thick and dense fur, appropriate breathing system, high physic and mental ability and additional coating.

    If your Dog fits into the five characteristics mentioned above or some of them, he/she probably fits into the following categories:

    • He is the dog you love so badly like he is your child.
    • Most of the day you just want to hug him and give him whatever he likes.
    • He is not the kind of dog can stand by himself. He needs you just like a child need his parent.

    While actions like feeding, walking outside, caring and more are obvious things for any dedicated dog owner, there is one thing not as obvious but just as important as the others; giving him a decent protection from cold weather to keep his body warm.

    We are fortunate to have these amazing creatures near us, but why put them into the uncomfortable and risky situation cold?

    Which clothing is good for your Dog?

    Just as we, humans, are choosing the clothing according to weather and wearing a raincoat when its raining is reasonable, your Dog should wear a raincoat when it is raining as well.

    An ideal clothe have style &  quality and is fit & price-friendly. We do our best to bring these 4 properties in our Dogs clothing (and also humans clothing).

    Our Dogs clothing is tested & approved by our own Pug. they are made from high-quality materials. we would probably wear them if we could. 

    Their cuteness cannot be described with words because they are way too cute, and everyone will see your Dog wearing them will probably be charmed hardly.

    If you wonder how they look, you can see by watching our product images. We also have a Pug model so you can see how they look & fit on real.

    Your Dog will love our clothing, and both of you will benefit from it.

    Letting your Dog have clothes for the cold is a simple thing that can improve his life quality and prevent many troubles.

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    Additionally we donate 10% of our profits to DogsTrust, so your purchase will benefit Dogs in need.

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